Make Works are factory finders, on a mission to make local manufacturing accessible and inspiring. Think of it like a public library. An open resource that lets you discover the relevant skilled people, places, tools and materials that allow you to manufacture, make or repair in your local area. Make Works was founded in Scotland by Fi Scott and is now starting to spread to other parts of the UK. Chloe Meineck and designer Tom Metcalfe joined the Make Works team at the beginning of 2016 and are currently embarking on the exciting task of mapping out fabricators around Bristol and Bath. Read this great Make Works interview with Tom and Chloe to find out why the project is so important to them.

Make Works aims to make it easier to find and understand local manufacturers, so that artists and designers can start to collaborate with them. It is a free, open access directory of fabricators, material suppliers, workshops and manufacturers. 

The site will allow people to:

  • Explore the processes, materials and machinery you need to fabricate work
  • Access in-depth information about local manufacturers to aid in finding the right people to work with
  • Get in touch with manufacturers directly to kick off collaboration

If you are a manufacturer, material supplier or workshop facility based in the South West and you’d like to be involved then please contact us!

The Make Works site already has a wealth of information on fabricators in Scotland and the midlands, including inspiring articles and videos giving a detailed insight into different manufacturing processes. Make Works Bristol and Bath is due to be launched by the end of 2016.