2015 – present

Trove is a physical and digital tool that enables children to be in control of their own life story. Trove looks after children’s most precious objects, and uses simple digital technologies to bring these objects to life. The child’s own voice can be linked to objects, to keep a digital archive of their life to help support them through times of change and uncertainty.

Trove has been co-designed with children in care, adopted children, foster parents, adoptive parents and social workers through a series of workshops and pilots.

Research Team

Chloe Meineck – Social Designer and Director of Studio Meineck

Debbie Watson – Head of the Centre for Child and Family Welfare at University of Bristol

Stuart Gray – Research Associate in Tangible User Interfaces at University of Bristol

Kirsten Cater – Professor of Human Computer Interaction & Entrepreneurship & Innovation at University of Bristol

Rachel Hahn – Social Worker and Research Assistant

Tom Metcalfe – Designer


University of Bristol


The Mulberry Bush School


Bristol City Council



Arts & Humanities Research Council

The Hadley Trust