Certification D – a new standard for dementia products

Certification D – a recognisable quality mark for products that support and are suitable for people living at home with dementia and their care network.  

Our prototypes were part of a living lab for people living with dementia in Belgium. This is part of our larger project we’ve been involved in as part of informing and giving feedback on what a certification for dementia products might look like. The Certification D project’s aim is to develop a standards process and certification for products that have been well designed for people living with dementia, to build trust with families, and to help certified products scale well in North West Europe.

The project has partners across Europe, with Belgium, The Netherlands, France and Germany. We’ve loved being part of this project as Music Memory Box was one of the first products to be tested in the Living Lab. The opportunity came out of our attendance and talk we did at Dementia Lab 2019 in Eindhoven as part of Dutch Design Week 2019. Certification D was funded by The Interreg NorthWest Europe Programme.

It is great to see people living with dementia enjoying Music Memory Box in Belgium!

Watch the 2 minute video about the project here featuring Music Memory Box and Chloe 



For more information on the project: https://www.nweurope.eu/projects/project-search/certification-d-certification-of-technological-products-for-people-with-dementia-to-support-smes-in-innovation-and-business-growth/#tab-1