We are a social design studio

We specialise in co-design

                    – Combining physical and digital

                    – Making tools

                    – Evaluating tools

We create award winning tools

Design process

We believe that the experts are the people facing the issues we are trying to solve. That is why it is so important to us to begin our design process with inclusive, co-design workshops to get relevant stakeholder groups physically involved in creative ideas and prototyping.

We facilitate discussions around the issues faced and ask participants to develop rapid prototypes and self critique their ideas. Our team then develops the product idea, with an approach that blends craft, technology and social design in order to create a working prototype. We then test our prototypes with user groups and gather feedback in order to tweak/approve the design for manufacture.

We often collaborate with charities and academics in order to build lasting relationships with their knowledge and experience feeding into our work, products and the eventual social impact we are wanting to achieve.

Further Reading

Victor Papanek’s ‘Design For the Real World’ sets out a way of designing that goes beyond just aesthetics and allows users to inform how their stuff gets made.